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General Criminal Defense
Domestic Violence
Impaired Driving
Motor Vehicle Violations
Sexual Assault

Drug Offences
Theft / Robbery
Fraud and Financial Charges
Weapons Offences

Experienced Kitchener Criminal Defence Lawyer Darwin R. Witmer

Focusing Only On Criminal Defence

If you have been charged with a crime, you will be faced with many frightening scenarios, and will have to make many difficult decisions that will affect your future and your family.
At the office of Darwin R. Witmer, I have acted as criminal defence lawyer for clients throughout Kitchener-Waterloo and surrounding areas, helping them navigate the criminal justice system since 1991.
I have the experience and the dedication necessary to find a solution for you, and the flexibility to make sure that the solutions I find are the ones best suited to your circumstances, your case and your needs.

Helping You Make The Tough Choices

We will discuss everything you need to know before making any decisions, including the evidence against you, the strengths and weaknesses of your case, and any possible defences.
If you decide to go to trial, I will defend you in every way possible. If you decide to plead guilty, I can work with the court to protect you from the worst consequences.
Before we even get to trial, I will work to help you or your family member get out of jail and stay out until your trial, with bail conditions as close to normal life as possible.

Areas Of Focus

My criminal defence practice and experience covers every criminal charge, though some charges are more common than others. A main focus area in my practice involves impaired driving/DUI charges, which can include impairment by alcohol, drugs or prescription medication.
I also help clients facing domestic assault charges, whether they are trying to get back home, or trying to clear their name and protect their record from an unfair allegation.
As well, I deal with drug offences involving a variety of substances from prescription drugs and marijuana to crack, and theft, robbery and other property crimes, with and without the use of weapons.

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You don’t have to make difficult decisions involving criminal charges alone. Let me put my 20-plus years of experience and personal support behind you. Call 519-570-1919 to arrange a consultation now.